We have a tiered system for approaching each project based on the client's needs and interests. We can be involved at all levels, or provide assistance for one or more steps along the way. 


Feasibility Assessment

We'll visit your site to meet your project team and collect data on your energy needs and local wood supply, as well as assess your site's logistics requirements and constraints to produce a feasibility assessment of what a biomass system would look like at your site. Feasibility assessments include our time-tested energy modeling and let you know if a project is worth pursuing further.

Preliminary Design and Engineering

Whether a client is just interested in biomass heating or wants to explore value-added manufacturing or combined heat and power production, a Level 20 project will move from initial concept to preliminary design. This includes selecting major system components, developing detailed equipment layouts, identifying required permits and developing the project financial model. Preliminary design and engineering fills in the details of a project, and can help to catalyze new project partners or identify future funding opportunities.

Construction Documentation

Level 30 projects leave the client with stamped, construction-ready documentation that can be used to acquire permits, request bids and begin constructing the biomass energy system. We finalize our mechanical design and bring in civil, structural and electrical engineers to address the whole package of a biomass system. District heating clients also receive third party contract templates to guide future energy sales and fuel procurement.


Our goal is always to see more biomass systems built, and we accomplish this through our Level 40 projects. These projects encompass all the components of a Level 30 project, but also include complete construction documentation and administration. Wisewood Energy is a General Contractor in Oregon and Idaho, and has served in Owner's Rep and Construction Administration roles in other states.