Outfitting communities, businesses, and industries with right-sized biomass technology 

Wisewood Energy is one of the nation's leaders in biomass technology, pioneering the concept that biomass can do more than provide heat — it can unlock local resources, empower communities, and create healthier forests.

We perfected a system of scaling biomass technology to meet our clients' needs while staying within sustainable limits of supply, which helps create jobs, reduces reliance on fossil fuels and supports a healthy ecosystem. At Wisewood Energy, we've been designing and constructing successful biomass projects for businesses and local communities for nearly a decade.


Biomass refers to an energy source of plant-based materials — like limbs from trimmed trees or the sawdust in a woodworking shop. We use this material to fuel a boiler that heats water or generates steam — turning wood waste into clean, local energy which can replace the need for fossil fuel systems that run on oil, propane, electricity or even natural gas.


By crafting projects for schools, public offices, hospitals and state-of-the-art industries, we help our customers stay warm, make industrial drying processes more efficient and save money in the long run.

We use wood byproducts that would otherwise go to waste and focus on sourcing and harvesting those fuels locally. Businesses that switch to biomass can lower their energy bills, reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and improve local forest management practices, while helping communities become energy independent.

We take pride in designing custom biomass projects that are cost effective and create a lasting value for our customers and their communities. Our comprehensive approach to biomass energy means we partner with our customers for the lifecycle of their project.


Our Services

Our dedicated team of energy experts understand that each project is unique and we invest in long-term partnerships, offering a suite of services throughout the project process which includes feasibility studies, grant writing, project design, construction, installation and maintenance.

I highly recommend Wisewood. They’re the kind of company you want to come in and get the job done right.
— Richard De Wolf, Owner of Versatile Wood Products