We saw the need for a more reliable and localized energy alternative for rural communities, private industry and government organizations, and we brought together the best technology to make it possible. We are a dedicated team of biomass energy experts who understand the importance of seeing the big picture when approaching any new project. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, and working across the Pacific Northwest and beyond, we design and construct custom biomass projects that deliver sustainable and money-saving heating solutions that benefit everyone.


Our Mission

We outfit communities, businesses and our industrial partners with state-of-the-art biomass energy systems that strengthen local economies, lower heating costs and promote environmental stewardship.



Our Approach

Our business model — providing expert technology to help increase energy independence and build healthier forests — is guided by our values of integrity, quality, community and stewardship.



The heat and energy solutions we provide are decided foremost by each of our partners' needs and the resources at their disposal. We are committed to providing honesty and transparency at every stage of the process.


Our commitment to our partners is to deliver the highest quality heating solution that will save money, bring local communities together and help reconnect people to their forests. It all begins with proven biomass technology, innovation and our technical expertise.


We aim to be a catalyst for change. Our biomass energy projects are designed to operate for the long haul and have allowed local industries, schools, hospitals and communities to save money while gaining energy independence. We carefully analyze and craft each project to best serve the community, the local economy and the environment.


Being good stewards of the forest makes good sense for rural communities, and making use of woody waste material makes good sense for everyone. Active forest management can benefit the landscape by removing material that degrades forest health and contributes to an increased risk of high-severity fires. We recognize the value and crucial role that biomass energy has in creating a stable, right-sized demand for this material. Our goal is to partner with local communities to help utilize this local resource while mitigating the risks of fire and improving forest health.