Biomass is cool, but can I get one in my home? YES!

Wisewood Energy specializes in community-scale biomass energy systems, whether for a single institution, district heating for a downtown area, or process heating for a larger industrial user. But, did you know biomass works at even smaller scales too? In fact, biomass boilers are very common in residential households across Europe, particularly pellet systems. New England also boasts a large number of small biomass users. While the US West is behind the game for residential biomass boilers, Wisewood Energy is helping a few pioneering individuals and families to change that.

This is the newest biomass boiler in Juneau, Alaska - a small (50,000 btu/hr) Windhager pellet boiler heating a family home. Wisewood Energy procured the boiler and assisted with design and commissioning.

The Higdons had local contractors install their new pellet boiler last winter. They chose pellets to get off of oil and onto a renewable - and hopefully one day, a local - energy.