Our clients come to us needing long-term space and industrial process heating solutions. They leave with much more than that. Using proven technology, expert knowledge and our customized approach, we help clients switch from expensive, antiquated fossil fuel systems to modern biomass energy. Our approach considers the big picture and works to create positive impacts for local economies and forest health.

We work across business sectors and concentrate our work in five areas: healthcare, education, government, recreation and industry.



We're helping administrators and school districts provide reliable heating for the long term — keeping students and teachers warm and safe. Read about some of these projects:



Whether it's for a city government office, a district energy cooperative or a federal project, we have nearly a decade of experience working with government entities to deliver projects on budget and on time to benefit their constituents. Learn more about these government projects:



We've proven successful across diverse projects — from rural small businesses to urban enterprises. We're solving diverse, complex problems and bringing space and industrial process heat solutions to businesses who need them. Reach out to request a consultation. See one customer's story:



Our team has 25 years of combined experience, which includes building and working on biomass projects for the healthcare industry. We are proud to partner with healthcare institutions like the Blue Mountain Hospital District to create safe, clean energy solutions.



Vacation destinations — such as ski resorts and lodges — need reliable heat to keep guests warm in all weather conditions. Our team crafts cost-effective energy solutions using state-of-the-art technology for recreation communities across the West.


We Provide

  • Fuel sourcing and logistics planning
  • Equipment procurement
  • Wood chip and pellet processing facility design
  • Economic life-cycle cost-benefit analysis
  • Detailed construction cost estimating
  • Biomass market and fuel supply assessment
  • Construction administration and management
  • General construction (Oregon and Idaho projects)
  • Design consulting services
  • Project development and management
  • Feasibility study and analysis
  • Assistance with grant writing and tax credit applications
  • Project finance analysis and deal structuring
  • Conceptual design
  • System design and engineering